Take away 2 2/5 from 5 4/5

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Take away 2 2/5 from 5 4/5​


Step-by-step explanation:

I think the operation that we will gonna use in this problem is subtraction, because I remember my teacher said that the word “take away” is a key word that means the operation that Im gonna use is subtraction. As you can see, the two mixed numbers have the same denominators so its easy to subtract them, the only thing that were going to do is subtract the whole numbers and the numerators and copy the denominator which is 5;

5 \frac{4}{5} - 2 \frac{2}{5} = 3 \frac{2}{5}

Therefore, if we take away 2 2/5 from 5 4/5, the answer that we get is 3 2/5.

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