Lakambini wanted Sinag-Tala to weave two, baskets for, (a) her mother-in-law,, (b) the great Pasigan chief,, (c) Walang Gulat.

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Lakambini wanted Sinag-Tala to weave two

baskets for
(a) her mother-in-law,
(b) the great Pasigan chief,
(c) Walang Gulat.​


C. Walang Gulat


:Sinag-tala- a 16 year old basket weaver and the daughter of Pirang Kawayan. Shefell in love with Magiting/ Walang Gulat. Was called Lily by the River Magiting/ Walang Gulat± son of the Chief of Pasigan. Was already engaged to Lakambini but fell in love with Sinag-tala. Lakambini- antagonist of the story. Became jealous of Sinag-tala and accused hertaking pearls. Pirang Kawayan- father of Sinag-tala.

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