How will you express your appreciation in music?

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How will you express your appreciation in music?​


How do I appreciate music more especially when it just sounds random to me?

How do I appreciate music more especially when it just sounds random to me?

I find this an interesting question to ask and it is an unexpected one, if Im honest. Most people just seem comfortably ignorant in their musical choices. The examples you have given are also interesting choices.

First I will note that i listen to Metal music (amongst many other genres), play in a Metalcore band and I compose mostly heavy music. However, the music I write is not limited to heavier genres. I also hate Metallica and find it difficult to connect with.

Second, “appreciation of music”, I would suggest, is earned and not learned. Although, i think any free thinking person would find it difficult not to appreciate the scale, complexity and emensly expressive abilities of most classical composers. Especially when you consider that most renowned classical pieces were written prior to the invention of modern music theory. I also suspect that this is not the type of appreciation you seek and you are more so, looking to understand and connect. You may even be sick of the recycled and untalented garbage we are force fed daily.

Most established and successful bands, regardless of genre, have a vast collection of material on offer. If like me, you simply cannot stand the merciless onslaught of noise that can be heard in Metallicas older albums, maybe try their lighter songs like: Turn the Page, Unforgiven (1 & 2), etc. Likewise with bands like Slipknot. If you cant stomach Pulse of the Maggots, maybe try Snuff or Psycosocial. Above all, never like something because yore told you should.

There are also more bands housed by the Metal umbrella than any other genre. I guarentee you will find something you like and like me, the music you have been trained to think is good by society will eventually become unpalatable.

I will finally note that you shouldnt seek to appreciate other genres. Merely open your mind to their acceptance and existence. Maybe then, you will be pleasantly surprsed by what you actually like and appreciate.

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