Can mental training help you to perform better in sports

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Can mental training help you to perform better in sports​


The first step is to develop strategies to maximize your mental gifts to focus optimally.

“Gifts” for Focus

G Goals – goals give you something to work toward. If you use them properly, they give you direction, motivation and focus.

I Imagery – imagery helps you learn new skills, and refine and prepare for competition situations. It also helps you develop your confidence and belief in yourself.

F Feelings – feelings and emotions are a big part of sport. You can learn how to make your feelings work for you as opposed to against you.

T Thoughts – the things you say to yourself can help you focus or they can distract you and make you lose your focus.

S Support – Everyday you can take actions that challenge your mental skills to make you a more focused performer. You can also support your performance by planning and preparing yourself properly leading up to the competition.

The next step is to use your talents regularly. This consistency will help create an environment for you to perform at your best and to FOCUS optimally. Once you have learned the strategies, the goal is to become a more reflective and self-directed performer. You will need to begin to record and monitor your performances and to learn from your experiences. You will need to refine and adjust your skills as necessary to find the right recipe to obtain consistent performances.

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